Security Inks

We currently supply one of our security inks to a major automotive brand who uses it on their parts to reduce the possibility of counterfeiting.


Applied as a irremovable and tamper proof label to designate a genuine part, increasing public safety and improving brand image.



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ThermoChromic Inks

A new and innovative application of thermochromic inks is in modelling, giving the ability to have thermally activated colour change.


This has added a whole new level of interactivity to these models, whether it's painting explosive damage on the gaming table, or designating special abilities in characters.

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Many wind turbines contain a ThermAlert label; this will permanently change colour when the activation temperature is reached.


This label will indicate if a turbine component, e.g. gearbox, has overheated at any point since the last inspection.


Using a ThermAlert label can potentially save expensive parts being replaced by bringing attention to the overheating.


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Sterisure is currently being used across Europe in several major healthcare providers.


It gives an independent test that sterilisation has taken place and that the process is working correctly.


Our sterilisation indicators contain no heavy metals that leech out over time causing risk to health.

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