About Us


Siltech Limited is a company that has developed a unique expertise in smart ink technology. Our inks change colour, volume , opacity etc. when exposed to heat, UV, radiation, steam or other stimulants and can be used as sophisticated indicators and monitors of change, or as new and innovative printing or marking technologies.


Mission Statement


- To utilise in-house colour creation expertise to innovate in the printing and packaging sector


- To become pre-eminent in the development of innovative and disruptive technologies for the printing and packaging sector.


- To make Silmark a world leader in coding and marking


Siltech Limited aims to provide coding, security and brand protection solutions through colour change technology.


We strive to produce products that are of the highest possible quality whilst save our clients money, are ecologically friendlier and more energy efficient.

The Principals spent the first four years of the company life exclusively in developing intellectual property and now have an extensive portfolio of market-ready products.


Since 2010, Siltech has taken 10 product ranges to market, although most emphasis has been, and will continue to be, on the following four:


Silmark: This is a new generation coding/marking system which uses a laser beam as the print engine. Available in a range of colours, Siltech were the first to market with varying monochromic laser receptive ink.


Thermoprint:  This is a range of inks which change colour irreversibly from white to red, blue or black when heated above their threshold temperature.


Thermosil: This is a variant of Thermoprint which is designed to be marked by a direct thermal printer. The technology has enormous potential in the printing of thermal labels. The inks have been trialed and savings of up to 40% can be realised against traditional thermal transfer or ink jet technologies.


Sterisure:  This is a range of inks/labels that change colour to show that a medical sterilization process has been completed.




Meet the Directors


Dr John Bannard

Managing Director


John oversaw the development of several commercialised technologies and led the Company through successful negotiations with a venture capitalist.  Prior to 1988, he was Professor of Industrial Chemistry at Limerick University, having been offered the Chair at a very early age, and where he supervised a large research team and controlled large department and research budgets.  He attracted several £M for course development and for research, and led a successful post-graduate school. He has published over 50 technical papers, and has sat on several national and EEC advisory panels.


Dr Nazir Khan

Technical Director


Over 25 years of R&D team leadership experience, from 1999 to 2006 with Sherwood Technology Limited, and for 11 years prior to that with Courtauld’s Corporate laboratory.  His experience is very appropriate to the technical aspirations of Siltech Limited, and Dr Khan has seen many projects through from conception to market place.  He has published approximately 30 technical papers and patents.