Laser Reactive Inks & Lacquers


Siltech are the original inventors of laser coding inks – developed specifically for high speed, high throughput packaging lines, allowing the customer to write grade A machine readable code at 3000 characters per second

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Thermally Reactive Inks & Lacquers


heat reactive ink available in a number of colours that gives a permanent colour change on heating, optimised for the print industry, tamper proofing and temporature indicators

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Surface Modification Inks & Laquers


inks and lacquers that swell to produce either a velvety, furry or hard raised tactile  surface. Perfect for making your brand stand out or for distinguishing certain parts of a label, available in a full range of colours and feels.

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Security Inks & Lacquers


Our range of products includes inks and labels that can be used to securely identify genuine product and surface modification lacquers that ensure that labels cannot be removed or altered.

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UV Inks & Lacquers


Ideal for protection of bottled or packaged food and drink products. It can be applied to glass, film, PET or many more substrates and is completely transparent to the eye yet absorbs nearly 100% of UV light.

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UV Protection

UV Colour Change

Sterilisation Monitoring


Sterisure is a range of indicators to show when a sterilisation process has taken place – available for steam, gamma radiation and ethylene oxide – sterisure makes a distinct, obvious colour change when the dosage has been reached

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Sterisure Gamma

Sterisure Steam

Sterisure EtO