Laser Reactive Inks & Lacquers


Silmark is the name of a system whereby the light beam from a laser is used as the engine for a rapid, clean, non contact printing system. Inks are made to respond to the output from CO2 (10,000nm) laser or from a Nd/YAG (1064nm) laser.

Security Print Systems


Many of Siltech's products are unique in performance and secure in availability, for example thermal systems, UV, and IR systems. In addition we offer systems based on luminescence, surface effects, etc.



Thermally Sensitive Inks & Labels


Heat reactive inks are available in a number of colours that give a permanent colour change on heating. They are optimised for each particular application: tamper evidence, direct thermal labels, cooking/annealing indicators, temperature indicators, brand protection etc.

UV Colouring Inks & Labels


Monitors to protect the skin from overdose of UV from the Sun are available in several formats: stickers, cards, wristbands etc. They may also be used for UV sterilisation indicators, curing indicators etc.



Speciality Inks & Lacquers


Lacquers for total block of UV (but complete passage of visible light), lacquers with low surface energy and lacquers with special surface effects.

Sterilisation Inks & Monitors


Sterisure is a range of indicators which show when a sterilisation process has taken place – available for steam, gamma radiation, plasma H2O2 and ethylene oxide – sterisure makes a distinct, obvious colour change when the dosage has been reached