Business Benefits Survey

Project Planning

This service helps you to develop a highly objective investment case for a new marking system. We research and deliver a report that details all the sources of benefits and the costs necessary to make an investment decision. The innovative solution we provide can deliver significant financial benefits. For example, material and equipment costs can be optimised, maintenance overhead reduced, production availability and rates can be improved. The survey uncovers and quantifies all of these and more.

We can design and plan the implementation of new systems. With our many years of experience we know how to rapidly and reliably implement systems, avoiding pitfalls and maximising the value of your investment.


Scientific and Design

We offer a turnkey service to procure and install your systems. This includes training and handover ensuring that systems deliver maximum benefit as fast as possible.

We have many years of experience in the development of innovative inks and delivery systems. If you have a particular opportunity or problem we can apply our knowledge to find new situation specific solutions.